We stock the general necessities for sports including Rugby, Netball, Cricket*, Hockey, Tennis, Karate, Table tennis, Squash, Darts, Swimming, Badminton, Fishing and Tena quit.

We aim to provide in the sporting needs from the primary school kid to the experienced sportsman and woman.

  • Rugby


We supply different sizes rugby balls for all rugby players (from “Bulletjie tag rugby”, primary school rugby players and high school rugby) we stock rugby balls size 3, 4 and 5, and kicking tees.

  • Netball


We stock netball balls, also in different sizes for all ages, from size 4 balls for the younger players and size 5 for practice or school competition level.

  • Cricket


We have a wide range of cricket equipment and accessories available including

  • Cricket pants (for little boys in Grade R -7XS as well as for men),
  • Cricket shoes-Kookaburra and GM (spikes size 4-11 and rubber sole size 2-7),
  • Cricket bats (kashmir willow to english willow for your better bats),
  • Cricket balls (113g;135g;156g as well as indoor cricket balls),
  • Cricket pads (XS pads to adult men sizes),
  • Cricket gloves-all ages
  • Cricket bags (wide variety e.g. Kookabura, B&S, GM, Admiral)
  • A range of new grips available in different colours.
  • Hockey


Hockey sticks for all sizes, hockey balls, shin pads (from 6 year old that start now to adult size pads), hockey gloves and bags. We have a range of new grips available in different colours.

  • Tennis


We have the Medalist range made from lightweight aluminium. We have a range of new grips available in different colours.

  • Karate


Karate suites as well as all colour belts.

  • Table tennis

Table tennis

Table tennis bats, nets and a range of coloured table tennis balls. We have a range of new grips available in different colours.

  • Squash


Medalist range rackets and squash balls.

  • Swimming


Wide variety of swimming caps and goggles, earplugs and nose clips for the youngster that goes for his/her first swimming lesson to the advanced or professional swimmer.

  • Badminton


Rackets as well as badminton shuttles

  • Fishing


We stock all basic fishing equipment needed as well as fishing rods.

  • Darts


We keep a wide range of darts from Brass darts to Tungsten quality. We also have various flights, stems darts shaperner and other accesaries needed. We keep stock of dartboards and dartboard cabinets.

  • General


Athletic shoe spikes, athletic stop watches, tena quit rings, gym gloves, training bibs, skateboards and accessories like bearings and grip tape, pool cues and accesaries.

Sport repairs:

  • Re-string of tennis racquets and squash racquets
  • Replacement of racquet grips
  • Replacement of cricket bat and hockey stick grips